Calling America back...


It's late on The Fourth of July. Watermelon and bbq chicken have all been eaten, swim suits are tying desperately to dry in the humid night air out back on the line. Firecrackers were all ignited under the watchful care of fathers, and moms covered babies' ears and hollered to the bigger kids, "Get back onto the sidewalk!"  

Americana reigns supreme on The Fourth of July.


My husband's on the couch now with our three sons, all of them in their boxer shorts, watching Captain America and enjoying milk and cookies, and everyone here has a sense that the world is right and good and safe. And it is... here in this home tonight.


And then I got a message that a new music video hit the internet tonight.

A video we've been holding our breath waiting for.

And it came out tonight...

on the Fourth of July.


A song about America,

Calling us back to virtues noble and good,

Back to family values strong and pure,

Back to father's teaching children about hard work ethics, true grit, and responsibility.

Calling America back...

I heard the song for the first time a couple of months ago; loved the message and the voice.

My three sons sang it over and over again as my youngest child prepared for his first day of work.

Seven years old but eager to prove himself a hard working man among grown men.

He sang it all the way to work, this song.

"America... America..."

When Asher arrived at the set, he popped out of the car before I could shut the engine down, and ran up to the producer proud to say he was ready to work. And he was. And he did. He worked like a man all day long, filming the video to this very song.

When I asked him if he needed a break, he'd simply say, "I'm an American, Mama, not an Ameri-can't!" Then he'd smile and ask the director to do it again.



And so, without further ado, I give you Asher Beau, and his acting debut in Graham Saber's timely new video, America.