Christmas Hospitality - Day 18 - Holiday Haiku


Welcome to Day 18 of our Holiday Haiku Challenge If you've missed any of our series, head on over to the beginning.

Today's charge is to write 17 syllables inspired by the truly Christlike quality of


Christmas Hospitality


Kris haiku


The Hospitality of Heaven

by Kris Camealy


As we prepare our Christmas table, I am continually laid low by the hospitality of heaven, that God would send His own Son to be our Host, to show us what it means to make room for one another. Jesus' coming reminds me to make a habit of preparing not only room for God in my own heart, but that I would make an effort to invite God-in-the-hearts of others to join me at the banquet as well. His Word reminds that by doing so, we may be entertaining angels unaware. May we be willing to open our hearts, our doors, and our tables to others in all seasons, inspired by Jesus' own generosity and graceful example. May we receive Him daily, and offer Him to those who hunger and thirst after that which alone satisfies eternally. Kris_Camealy_Round


Kris Camealy is a sequin-wearing, homeschooling mother of four. She's passionate about faith, family, friends, and food. A slow-comer to the notion of God’s grace, Kris has “tasted and seen” and longs to see others filled with the same grace that transformed her heart. She’s been known to take gratuitous pictures of her culinary creations, causing mouths to water all across Instagram.

Kris is the founder of GraceTable and the author of the book, Holey, Wholly, Holy: A Lenten Journey of Refinement and the follow up, Companion Workbook. You can read more from Kris at