Our Favorite Boy Movies of All Time

My husband was raised on a steady diet of classic rock (think Roy Orbison and Neil Young) and classic films (John Wayne and Gary Cooper.) When I birthed our third son, something was born in my husband's boy-loving heart... a passion to share his favorite music and movies with his sons. There's no better time to crank up the music than poolside in the summertime. Likewise, when the afternoon sun wears the kids out, and it's time for a break, a good movie in an air-conditioned room is the perfect treat!

And so I bring you, a list of our favorite movies to enjoy this summer! 


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This post is part of our Summertime Series: BOYS! 

Top twenty classic film favorites (curated by my husband)

20 - Treasure Island

19 - The Alamo (John Wayne)

18 - McLintock (John Wayne)

17 - North to Alaska (John Wayne)

16 - High Noon (Gary Cooper & Grace Kelly)

15 - Beau Geste (Gary Cooper)

14 - The Quiet Man (John Wayne)

13 - Chariots of Fire

12 - The Great Escape (Steve McQueen)

11 - Ben Hur (with Charleton Heston)

10 - The Man from Snowy River

9 - True Grit (with John Wayne)

8 - Shane (Alan Ladd)

7 - Seahawk (Errol Flynn)

6 - Captain's Courageous (Spencer Tracy)

5 - Robin Hood (with Errol Flynn)

4 - The Human Comedy (Micky Rooney)

3 - Old Man and the Sea (Spencer Tracey)

2 - Magnificent Seven (the one with Yul Brynner)

1 - Swiss Family Robinson


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Best Series - The Chronicles of Narnia


Best Boy Musical of All Time



More Recent Family Favorites

The Princess Bride

Facing the Giants

The Perfect Game

That Thing You Do (I love this one!)

Teen Beach

Nacho Libre


Remember the Titans

War Room

The Queen of Katwe

McFarland, USA


TV Series


The Little Rascals

Tom and Jerry

I Love Lucy


Phineas and Ferb


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Special thanks to the man who builds tree forts, takes boys on motorcycle camping trips, teaches them to worship, and is always up for an adventure.

You're our favorite dad, Matty B.


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