Free digital gift - and the story behind Life Creative

Today is an exciting day! We're flinging wide the doors of our new online home for creatives —!!!


Throughout the end of this week and into the next, we'll be celebrating the launch with a digital party on our Instagram page — check over there later this afternoon (6/16) for the details of our first giveaway (you won't want to miss it)! We've also got a sweet free gift for you if you sign up for our email list, but more details on that at the end of the article.

First, I want to share the heart behind this community and how it all began...

The Start of Life Creative

15 years ago this actress from Los Angeles met and quickly married a pharmaceutical salesman from Dallas. After just a few short months of our long-distance romance we tied the knot on a beach in Southern California, and my new husband swept me off my feet and carried me to Texas, as The Dixie Chicks' Wide Open Spaces played like a soundtrack over the honeymoon phase of our marriage.

Though I left my career in Hollywood I quickly signed with a theatrical agent in Dallas and booked more commercials in the Lone Star state than I ever had in the saturated, star-studded industry from whence I came. For the first time in my acting life I felt like a big fish in a small pond, rather than a little fish swimming up against sharks. And because I wasn't a "starving actress," picking up waitressing gigs to help cover rent, I entered a season of rest as well as spiritual, emotional, and creative renewal.

Not only did I have a creative outlet as a steadily working commercial actress, I also had a brand new home to decorate. I created a "wedding wall" full of pictures from our beach celebration, I planted an herb garden, and planned multi-course dinners served on our wedding china. I even wrote my first spoken word piece and performed it at our local church, and I wrote an entire screenplay - hidden somewhere deep in the bowels of an old hard drive. Needless to say, I was flourishing like the herbs in my garden. The only thing missing was a sense of community.

One Tuesday night, my young husband came home from a men's Bible study and told me that he'd met a man named Lee that he really liked. He said that Lee's wife was a writer and a singer and liked to go out for tea... Basically, my husband was hooking me up with a new friend.

The next day I gave Kelli a call. When she answered the phone (she swears) I said, "So, I hear you like to take tea." And thus began our friendship.



photo credit: Bethany Potent


Over the course of the next 12 months we'd meet together at the Starbucks cafe in our local Barnes and Noble. Enveloped in a cloud of steamy chai latte, with a plate of maple scones between us, we shared the stories and dreams of two creative lives. She told me of the novel she was writing, and I explained the screenplay I was working on. We even dreamed up projects to work on together... someday. We threw a tea party or two, a baby shower for a friend, and an Easter feast for a host of other newlyweds. She made cookies that looked like miniature Easter bonnets, and I created a multi-layered cake with marzipan and fondant.



photo credit: Bethany Potent

Kelli and I learned early on in our friendship that we weren't simply writers or singers, actresses or poets... we were creatives. No one label was able to contain the totality of our inspired, "in His image" lives, and the discovery was liberating as we found self-expression in those garden parties and backyard barbecues, and a perfectly made cup of tea.


photo credit: Bethany Potent

Then Lee and Kelli moved away. And we moved too. They had babies in St. Louis, we had ours back in California, and all of those face to face teatime conversations about creativity, turned into phone calls about breast feeding and potty training.

After 6 years and 6 children between our two families, I gave Kelli a call and asked if she wanted to revisit some of those old inspired pieces of our hearts, long buried chasing busy little babies. I suggested a long weekend with a handful of other creative moms, writers and photographers and cooks. She said yes, and so we sent invitations to a select few and our annual creative retreat was born.

[Tweet ""In everyone's life, at sometime, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit." -Albert Schweitzer"]

Over the years we've experienced a sort of Renaissance within our little community of creative mom friends - a reawakening , rebirth.

Kindling, fanning, and encouraging one another to use our inspired lives smack-dab in the midst of motherhood - in our home lives, our local communities, and even out into the world in this digital age. A couple of years ago, over another cup of tea, Kelli and I dreamed of a way we might bottle this creative community and share it with other Renaissance Moms...


LC-MockupforVerseIn a few short months Kelli Stuart and I will be releasing our book, Life Creative: Inspiration for Today's Renaissance Mom out into the world. Today we're giving away a digital gift of scripture art for you to print up or use as your computer's desktop wall paper or lockscreen on your phone. Swing by Life Creative's new landing page for more details. Our brilliant design partner, and fellow Renaissance Mom, Alle McCloskey of Finding Eden Media, has created a place for you to come and learn a bit more about our community and book, as well as your free gift. Though we haven't opened up our formal launch team just yet, there will be a place for you to leave your email so that we can reach out to you when the time is right.




photo credit: The Huffington Post