Mary - Day 10 - Holiday Haiku Challenge


Welcome to Day 10 of our Holiday Haiku Challenge  

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I have a handful of favorite authors, and this sweet gal is counted among them. Becky Keife writes lovely prose and always searches for contentment. The coupling of those two attributes leads her readers to desire that same peaceful satisfaction which can only be found in Christ.

Becky is a self proclaimed word lover, coffee drinker, and Jesus follower. She writes to slow time, give thanks, and awaken to God's daily wonders and grace.

I hope you will get to know her on her blog,, or on Facebook.


Today Becky challenges us to write a haiku based on Jesus' mother




Watchful Wonder

By Becky Keife


Mary Haiku


Can you imagine how Mary must have felt those last weeks leading up to Christ’s birth? Not only was she becoming a mother for the first time—a wild, scary, joy-filled adventure wrapped in so many expectations, hopes, and dreams. But she was becoming the mother of the Christ child. Her son—God’s Son. The promised Messiah.


What will he look like? What will he sound like? How will I raise him? Will I know what to say, what to do? How will I help him fulfill His Father’s plans?


Oh, how the questions must have swirled in her heart! Surely she was anxious to some measure. What woman wouldn’t have been? But Mary, chosen for her faith and steadfast obedience, must also have been full of joyous anticipation.


What will my son teach me? What ways will my trust in the Father grow deeper? When will Jesus’ true nature be revealed to the world? Will I get to see it? Will I be blessed to support him, cheer for him, pray over him each step of the way?


Christmas marks the end to Mary’s nine months of waiting for Christ’s birth while ushering in the beginning of a lifetime of watchful wonder. We have been given a similar invitation.


Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of Your Son. Prepare our hearts through this advent season to receive the fullness of His coming in fresh ways. Awaken our minds to the wonder waiting for us in You. May we be as humble and patient as Mary, living eyes-opened and heart-surrendered to the work you plan to do in and through us. In the precious name of Jesus. Amen.


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