Silent Night - Day 9 - Holiday Haiku Challenge


Welcome to Day 9 of our Holiday Haiku Challenge I hope you are enjoying this advent exercise in condensing your devotion down to one praiseworthy thought each day. Adventing amidst your holiday hustle, all harnessed in 17 short syllables. If you have missed any of the privious post in this series, find them all here.  And now, onto today's challenge.

Silent Night




Silent Night

by Colleen Mitchell:


God comes quietly, and only quiet hearts will be ready. The world waited in 400 years of prophetic silence so it could hear his first breath. He could have come any other way, but he came quietly and the first to know were the ones who we were still enough to notice the slight shiftings in the heavens, the cry in the cold. How can you silence yourself to hear how he comes?


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My guest today is Colleen Mitchell - wife to Greg and mother to five amazing sons here on earth and five precious little ones in heaven. She and her husband serve in Costa Rica where they run the St. Francis Emmaus Center, a ministry that welcomes indigenous mothers into their home. She works out what it means to love Jesus and live the Gospel as an adventure at her blog Blessed Are the Feet.