My favorite Bibles - Part 1 - Children's Bibles


Favorite Bibles.


Each one in our collection has a story.  The white leather-bound Precious Moments Bible, packed away with my little girl memories.  The big red Life Application Bible my Dad bought me to replace said Precious Moments Bible before I left for College.  I didn't see the problem with continuing on as I was, but he said I'd want something a little more mature once I got to College.  As it turns out, he was right.   But I also wanted something smaller, because the study Bible was MASSIVE.


Freshman year I started attending some Campus Crusade for Christ meetings all over Boston, and my enormous study Bible weighed a ton. Over and over again I kept hearing one main theme:   That Christians should ask The Lord specifically for things.  I'd never heard this before, so I was cautious.  I decided to try it and humbly asked, "God, I need a smaller Bible to keep in my purse, one that's not so heavy.  You know I don't have the money to buy another Bible, so would you give me one?"  I thought it was a good first request; I mean if you're going to throw a fleece out and ask the Lord to answer, you might as well ask for something like a Bible.


Wouldn't you know, the next day I stopped by the school mail room and there in my mail slot was a package.  A little package.  And in it was a little Bible.  Sent from Uncle Bob who said he'd found a stack of "these things" hidden away in one of his drawers and thought I might like one, away at school.


A decade later I chronicled my dates with a man named Matt on the inside cover of this small brown, leather-bound gift.  And a few short months later we were married.  I still carry this Bible, though it's falling apart at the binding.


Another decade has passed now;

we've added three little people to our family

and twice as many bibles to our "Collection."

And so today I share my Two Favorite Children's Bibles:


1) The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name  - The theme of Jesus being our rescuer pierces, underpins, transcends, and utterly steals the show in each short story.  The pictures are delightful too.  But more than just another collection of Bible Stories, this one is special.  No matter if the story is from the Old Testament or the New, each one points to Jesus.  Our Savior.  And He is so real and approachable on each page that I often tear up while reading to my children at our kitchen table.


action bible

The Action Bible


2) The Action Bible - This is the Bible my first-born has read numerous times from cover to cover over the last few years.  He reads it on his own at night, on his own early in the morning, on his own, poolside, in the middle of the day.  Full of  adventure and intrigue and... ACTION, and told in comic book fashion with dialogue captured in bubbles.  With exciting, bold illustrations, The Action Bible manages to stay true from Genesis to Revelation, giving children a cohesive journey through God's story from beginning to end.


Join me tomorrow for my most favorite Bible yet... the one that hasn't yet been written.