Welcome To My Living Room

Today's the official launch of wendyspeake.com and I'm so pleased you stopped by. What fun it's been decorating each Room, photoshopping clutter off that counter space above, and putting to words what is most important to me. Feel free to walk around, get to know me a bit, or contact me with any questions you might have. But first, let me answer this one:

Why this Living Room theme?

Because Life is worth Living, we need Room to Live it well. Because Living can be both blessed and brutal, we need a place to stop the striving and be still. Because we get parched on this long journey, we need Living Water to satisfy and sustain us. Because whether our home is full, or has become an empty nest, Life can be complicated and lonely. But most importantly, because a Living space encourages us to turn to the Living Word, and there we are reminded...

"I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly." — John 10:10

God didn't just come to give us Eternal Life, He wants us to know Abundant Living this side of glory. That's not easy for me. I get bogged down with the busyness of motherhood and marriage; in my weariness I tend to lose sight of Life's blessedness.

Therefore, learning to fix my eyes on the Abundant reality has become my chief goal. Though this goal sounds like working, I'm finding Abundance has much more to do with receiving. And so I've pulled up some extra chairs and invite you into my Living Room...into the blessed rest of Abundance.

You are welcome here.

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Wendy Speake — Because Life worth Living needs Room. Welcome To My Living Room!

Welcome to my Living Room.