Are you addicted to your phone? Do you pick it up and open it up a billion-trillion times a day? Do you hide behind it when you’re stressed, then get upset when your kids interrupt you? Do you bring it to the dinner table? Do you turn to your “friends” online when you’re in line at the grocery store? Ever wonder what conversations you might be missing there? Do you take a picture of a sunset and share it on Facebook with the scripture “The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1) but don’t stop long enough to quietly glorify Him in that quiet moment? Do you ever say, “I can’t fit time with the Lord into my mornings”, but have the time to scroll through Instagram?

I understand.

My name is Wendy, and I needed a Social Media Sabbatical. There are times in the year we just need a break, not a break-up, but more than a casual break! That’s why I created this fast from social media for 40 days — and I want to invite you to do the same.



  • A downloadable journal template

  • Daily Bible memory cards

  • Decorative prints for your heart and home

  • A screensaver to remind you why you’re fasting

  • A list of book and app recommendations to help keep temptation at bay - for you and your loved ones

If you struggle to set down your phone, and lift your eyes to the Lord and all the people He’s graciously put in your life, I hope that you’ll consider taking your own 40 Day Social Media Fast.

Why a social media fast?

Five years ago I invited readers to join me for our very first 40 Day Sugar Fast. It was astounding to me the number of people who signed up. We confessed our sugar addiction to one another and began to physically detox. Progressively, each year, more and more men and women join our annual fast. As our bodies detox each January from sugar, we find ourselves increasingly overwhelmed by the Presence and Person of God. It’s as though the sweetness of our sugary treats preoccupied us, distracting us from the sweetness of our Savior.  

During our Sugar Fast it becomes increasingly apparent to us all that sugar isn’t the only thing distracting us. And so, we ask ourselves what other strongholds are holding us back from experiencing His strong hold. In chorus, the majority of us respond, “My phone! Social Media! All the screens!”

Our devices have become divisive. Dividing us from experiencing the nearness of God and one another. They are the most distracting (notifying, buzzing, ringing…) distractions keeping us from focusing on what matters most.

Jesus matters most.

That’s why I chose to fast from Social media. I don’t want to be distracted and miss out! I want to be wide awake and alert to what He is doing in me and around me each gifted moment.

Do you struggle to live in the moment, with your nose in your phone? Do you struggle to interact with those you love, because you’re busy interacting with those  you “like.” Do you spend more time following all the people in the world, rather than One who simply said, “Follow Me”?

If you know that you’re addicted to your phone, that you can’t stop at a traffic light without picking it up, consider taking a 40 Day Social Media Sabbatical of your own. During these 40 days, make the bold choice to forsake the world and open up the Word. You’ll be freed up to spend oodles of time with Him, in coming days ahead.


Fasting is taking out that which is temporary and ordinary in order to focus on the One who is eternally extraordinary!

Believe it or not, your phone will one day pass away, but you will pass on… to an eternity with your Savior. Let’s put down our distractions and enjoy some undistracted time with Him.

Sign up for your own Social Media Fast today. I’ll send you one simple email confirmation with 40 scripture memory cards, a list of book recommendations, a downloadable journal template to record what you learn these forty days, and a decorative screen saver to remind you to put down your phone in case you forget.

And if you use social media for your job, then let me encourage you to fast anyway! Simply set parameters around your “work hours.” But don’t let “work” be an excuse to not take this holy hiatus.


“Jesus first!” - Shawnda Reeder

“One thing the fast taught me was that I was reaching for my phone instead of reaching out to God. It was so freeing to live my life for the past 40 days, instead of reading about everyone else’s lives!” - Angela Dirksen Firk

“These past forty days, my children saw my face more… this in itself made it so worth it!” - Sarah Davies

“These forty days have been fabulous. I realize that I need connection... with people somewhat, but especially with my Creator. It's been the most joyful, laughter filled, life giving time I think I've ever experienced! I will continue to fast from social media and only be present on my business page!” - Allison Crowley

“During the 40 Day Social Media Fast, my big focus was on increasing my prayer life. Specifically, I felt the Lord calling me to stop and actually pray in the moment with someone when they ask. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that during the fast one of my pastors (who knew nothing of my new goal) asked me to join the prayer team for alter calls! God is obviously at work, growing me and stretching me, which is both scary and exciting.” - Susan Crowston-Egly

“I enjoyed this social media fast so much! The first four or five days I couldn’t believe how many times I clicked on the Facebook button, out of habit. I had completely logged out so it always brought up a login screen… which always made me chuckle. “Why did I click on that again?” As the days went on, I created a new habit. Bible study. Since then, I’ve been in the word daily. I’m praying more and feeling much more refreshed. Also, the number of tasks I accomplished in those forty days was incredible. I surprised myself. I got my fall cleaning done, washed every light fixture in the house, washed every window inside and out. I read books, crocheted blankets, fixed quilts, and so much more. Thank you for challenging me with the social media fast. But most importantly thank you for encouraging me to stay in the Word each day.” - Kelli Koepke


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